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Our Philosophy

Different Stages of P7 MEDICINE

P1. Predictive Molecular Testing (prediction of the developmental risk of diseases at very early molecular stages before the appearance of clinical symptoms)

P2. Preventive Healthcare Applying adequate diet and lifestyle to avoid probable diseases

P3. Precision Medicine (precision diagnosis using the individual's biological data)

P4: Personalized Artificial Intelligence Personalized Artificial Intelligence (PAI) is a technological approach that tailors AI-driven solutions to individual patients' unique genetic, physiological, and clinical data. In essence, personalized AI represents a fusion of individual patient data with sophisticated algorithmic analysis. These fusion promises to revolutionize healthcare, making it more proactive, precise, and tailored to individual needs.

P5. Personalized treatment (determination of the best individual treatment method for each person based on the molecular genetic characteristics of the cases)

P6. Personalized monitoring (bringing together all experts and physicians close to the patient for managing the entire process from the first diagnostic step to the end)

P7. Patient management (bringing together all experts and physicians close to the patient for managing the entire process from the first diagnostic step to the end)


Although physical, mental, and social well-being are the parameters WHO defines as “health,” it has been shown that molecular changes sometimes occur years before a clinical manifestation is diagnosed. Therefore, the definition of health and the distinction between healthy and unhealthful people needs to be revised. P7 medicine has generated a specific system based on new scientific and technological wisdom, developing a new interactive and proactive approach called P7MEDICINE. Nowadays, this approach represents an improved healthcare system that tries to overcome the boundaries of conventional health.

Why personalized medicine?

  • Precise and on time diagnosis
  • Prediction
  • Prevention
  • Bypass trial & error method
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Less side effect
  • Achieving golden time
  • Treatment monitoring
  • After-treatment monitoring
  • Less invasive procedures
  • Managing future therapeutic strategy
  • Reduced cost (most complex cases)

About Us

P7 Medicine was founded in 2018 by a group of scientists with valuable expertise and a brilliant history in genetics, medicine and cell/stem cell therapy worldwide. Our primary goal is to help people around the world better understand their health conditions. Based on this, we provide unique and practical facilities for obesity, mood disorders, talents, beauty and skincare, and the risk of being affected by various diseases. In addition, identifying more effective treatment options to assist physicians with complicated cases such as advanced cancer, applying cutting- edge diagnostic and prognostic methods is our other prey.

Concept of personalized medicine

Individualized medical services (prediction, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and monitoring) are provided to an individual according to the variability of each person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle using the latest cellomics and genomics technologies. These services apply to different disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic and dermatological diseases, etc.

According to our invention, the P7 medicine approach, personalized medicine is a package of 7 interconnected stages, of which “personalized patient management” is the most critical phase, consisting of “Precision Diagnostic Management” and “Personalized Treatment Management”.