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Projects 1: Cell-based immunotherapy of Cancer

The main goal of this project is to develop and evaluate individualized adaptive immune cells from stem cells (IPSCs and fetal stem cells, NK cells) for cancer immunotherapy.

Recently, we published a paper in  “Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy” under the title “Stem cells-derived natural killer cells for cancer immunotherapy: current protocols, feasibility, and benefits of ex vivo generated natural killer cells in the treatment of advanced solid tumors”  which can be accessed on this page. The image of our article can be seen on the cover of the journal “Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy.” This figure shows the development of the immune cells from hematopoietic cells.

2: Origin of Tumor Cell Development (OTCD)

The mechanisms of malignant tumor cell formation and development are still a central question for scientists. In the OTCD, we are trying to answer this significant query using advanced cellular and molecular technology by inspiring the view of developmental biology. We believe that the findings of the OTCD can bring about a fundamental evolution in personalized cancer medicine.


3: Cell-based Precision Diagnostics & Personalized Therapy of infertility

We are working for more than 20 years on molecular and cellular basis of male infertility. We developed cell-based diagnostics and therapeutic approaches for precision diagnostics and personalized therapy of male and female infertility. Please visit international journals and newspaper articles about our research in this field:

nayernia gamete – Search Results – PubMed (

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Lab-made sperm’ fertility hope

Scientists claim breakthrough in growing human sperm from stem cells | Reproduction | The Guardian

Eugenics – Human Sperm Created in British Lab – YouTube



4: Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

As the last epidemiological observation shows, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and cancer are the leading causes of death worldwide. Therefore, developing new effective, personalized strategies for the early detection and treatment of these diseases can save many lives every year. In addition to cancer, our team is also committed to developing a new regenerative approach using stem cell technology for CVD. Autologous stem cell technology can be a safe and effective personalized method to achieve this target. The publications listed below are some of our R&D group. You can access the articles on this page.