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P7 Medicine

Management of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Processes Based of Individual Characteristics on International level.
P7 Medicine

P7 Medicine was founded by people who believe that everyone can make choices about health and life changes that face us during our lives.

Our aim is to educate, empower and enable individuals to understand personalized medicine, to share decisions about their medical care with their clinicians and to make informed choices about their own health and futures.

Our Vision

To develop the scientific and clinical basis necessary for realization of the concepts of Predictive and Personalized Medicine by using the modern diagnostic technologies and personalized therapy

Our Mission

Classification of diseases based on their molecular profiling rather than morphological and pathological characteristics to predict the response to treatment, and to enable the design of personalized therapies

P7 Units

P1. Predictive Cellular Testing (Prediction of diseases development risk at very prima molecular stages before clinical symptoms)

P2. Preventive Healthcare Applying adequate diet and lifestyle to avoid probable diseases

P3. Precision Medicine (Precision diagnosis using the individuals’ biological data)

P4: Personalized Artificial Intelligence Personalized Artificial Intelligence (PAI) is a technological approach that tailors AI-driven solutions to individual patients' unique genetic, physiological, and clinical data. In essence, personalized AI represents a fusion of individual patient data with sophisticated algorithmic analysis. These fusion promises to revolutionize healthcare, making it more proactive, precise, and tailored to individual needs.

P5. Personalized treatment (determination of the best individual treatment method for each person based on cases molecular genetic properties)

P6. Personalized monitoring (Gathering all the experts and physicians together close to patient to manage the whole process from the first diagnostic step to the end)

P7. Patient management (Gathering all the expert and physicians together close to patient to manage the whole process from the first diagnostic step to the end