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Personalized Reproductive Medicine

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Personalized reproductive medicine is a modern field of individualized medicine that deals with diseases of the reproductive system and infertility. Other objectives of this field include the prevention of infertility and subsequent treatment of reproductive disorders. Many years of research into the human genome and genetics have led us to several vital variations and mutations that can affect the activity of the male and female reproductive organs, germ cell development, and fertility. In addition to genetic variations, many specific factors have been shown to influence fertility treatment decisions, including your particular diagnosis, age, health status, and lifestyle. Therefore, by using cutting-of-edge genomic technology, the masters of reproductive medicine can uncover any genetic risk factors for reproductive system disease in any individual. You can discuss these issues with our fertility specialist if they have a hereditary disease or family history. Then, with simple genomic testing, we can help you create a personalized plan to prevent or treat your conditions.

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P7 Medicine ( P7MEDICINE) was founded by people who believe that everyone can make choices about health and life changes that face us during our lives.

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